Ontario Stone Home For Sale

A Chance To Build A Legacy

Wow !! What an opportunity

Set well back from the street

This is one of those times when being in the right place is booboo important.

This home is being offered for sale subject to a severance being granted by the local municipality.

The family that now owns the farm has leased it and worked it for years from the previous owner. Now that they own the farm they have no need of the home.

Their intention is to use the farm as they always have - to raise feed for their cattle.



An early (circa 1860) Stone Home that has not been touched in decades



Once again we're in wonder at the way these buildings stand up to time



For the most part the stone work is in remarkable condition

There are some areas where the age is evident.



Taken from the field to the south .... to be severed off






The "Garage" was attached to the back kitchen and had a drive through so the wagon could

be off loaded under a roof (luxury feature)




The lot will cut off as instructed by the municipality










The inside of the home is a blank canvas










The main floor is currently divided into 3 rooms - very bright and with high ceilings



Many original trims and details remain













Further investigation is required, but at first look, the walls upstairs appear to be non load bearing, which creates endless possibilities.








There is a basement under the 2 storey home







The heating system is excellent (forced air oil)




The well is dug, the pressure system is in great condition


Wiring service has a breaker panel - renovations would likely include new

wiring in the house.



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