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Dave Chomitz was a Realtor in Ontario since 1989 – Covid (and his wife) forced a move to British Columbia in 2020. With his license warehoused he is now helping other agents market stone homes.


Stone Home Buyers Do Not Shop By Budget

Do Not Shop By Location

Realtor. ca has No Filter for Stone Homes

Homes are hard to find !!

The Stone Home selling process is different from traditional resale real estate. Buyers are different, have different questions and are looking for different criteria. There is no place in traditional real estate to filter and search to make it easier for Buyers. So Buyer resort to GOOGLE to find stone homes for sale.


A Stone Home .com

Web Site – A platform that is optimized for GOOGLE

– Strong Organic Traffic 52,600 unique visitors so far 2023

– Create a Community – 985+ data base Social Media

Because the Stone Home selling process is so different being at a place on line where people can actually find you is critical to being sure you’re being seen by the most qualified and interested buyers.  A Stone home has worked since 2008 to cultivate a dedicated following of families that are looking for one of these legacy properties.

How It Works

Every Property – Complete Web Site Built For it

– Featured Listing on A Stone Home .com

– Emailed to the Complete Data Base

For The Realtor – Listing Remains On The Site Until SOLD


– One Time Set Up Fee $ 400.00

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