It Works !!!


This spectacular Stone Home on several acres was in Northumberland County.  A very special home on what we call a “Lollipop” lot – a long (700′) driveway that opened into several acres around the house.

These lots are created when a farmer buys the farm and severs off the house – while keeping the workable land to a maximum.  The result is a stone home surrounded by pastures and fields.  Really neat.

In this case – I had helped the owner purchase about 15 years earlier.  The time had come when it was getting to be too much for a single women.  She called several times, we had long talks about the timing and life in general.

After a few months she made the decision to list.  We went through the process of listing the home.  Shooting the photos and videos, creating the websites and getting the promotional materials ready.  We went to work.\

Immediately we had showings from our community.

After a week – the seller called and said that she just couldn’t sell right now —— “I not ready Dave”. .

We respect that

We took the platform down

But – a member of our community felt a strong pull to the home and was very disappointed.


We started again – this time she was sure – she needed another year in the house.

We rebuilt the system and immediately published to our community. Thatsame family from a year before called right away and were out to see it.

The home sold in a week – clean and neat.



Dave Chomitz has been focused on matching stone home sellers with the families that dream of owing one since 2008. Having extensive experience in historical restoration prior to entering real estate, working with these beautiful structures was a natural fit. Dave understands the magnitude of the decision to sell and respects and honours stone home owners feelings about the process. He also is in the unique position to help stone home buyers understand the investment they're making. Being custodians of these legacy properties is as much a privilege as it is a reward for a life well spent. Let Dave help you.