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Save $10,000 Selling Your Stone Home

Helping Stone Home Sellers Save 10G’s

Ontario Stone Homes Are Amazing

Stone homes are such interesting and lovely spaces. But over the decades, over the centuries these homes have evolved. As much as we love to find original details, having viewed hundreds of stone homes we have never found one that was totally in its original state. Clearly as needs change as families change these houses evolve over time. Oftentimes that’s what gives them the most character. Sometimes those Evolutions can cause concern.

At a stone home.com wehelp stone home sellers position themselves in the marketplace to their best Advantage. Our job is to put you as the stone homeowner in the strongest position possible to be seen in the best light when buyers are looking.

It’s important to remember that most Stone Home buyers really don’t know what they’re looking at. Most have never actually been in a stone home. Most have no construction experience to lean on when looking at these amazing structures. Even qualified building inspectors often don’t really appreciate what they’re looking at when inspecting Stone homes. That’s one of our biggest challenges.

Helping  Stone Home Buyers Understand

It’s easy to understand the apprehension and uneducated Stone home buyer may feel when they look at structures they just don’t understand. It’s also easy to understand a home inspector being careful to err on the side of caution when inspecting a structure they don’t really have a good grasp of. however, both of those situations can result in the stone home seller feeling penalized because people don’t understand his real estate.

We call this the $10,000 solution. When a stone home buyer or stone home inspector finds something they don’t understand it seems to automatically become a $10,000 problem. A little moisture in the basement ( and there’s always moisture in the basement in stone homes). But just a little moisture can turn into a major $10,000 foundation issue. Because these stone homes were built before electricity even existed, wiring is always a concern. The observation of something that looks a little bit out of the norm can automatically become a $10,000 wiring issue. As soon as an inspector says something like that the stone home buyer becomes very nervous. In the end, Our mission is to put you the stone homeowner in the strongest position possible so when buyers or their inspectors find things they don’t understand we can help them.

Helping Stone Home Inspectors

We do this with pre Home Inspections. Having seen hundreds of stone homes, experience has helped us identify and recognize those areas where concerns may rise. With is this understanding we can arrange to have inspections carried out by qualified contractors to identify and quantify if any work needs to be done. The same contractors with experience and stone home construction, can help with finding the most practical solution in estimating the cost required. Most times the work isn’t required to be done. But it’s important to be able to make a buyer comfortable that what they’re getting is a reliable safe building.

It’s important to remember that stone home buyers are approaching this process from the right place. A home buyer loves the idea of living in one of these great stone structures. They’re real estate dream is to have a stone home. But not knowing what owning a property like this really means they look to others for help, guidance and advice.  Oftentimes the people they turn to really don’t know much more than they do. So because you and I have experience with these homes it’s really our job to help a buyer understand your particular Stone home. The real estate there buying from you will be the most important investment of their lifetime. It’s necessary for us to help them feel comfortable moving forward as they by your home. We get it leave help lots of people make the same decision and transition and by doing our pre inspection we can make the Whether we can make it easier and we can make it happier for everybody involved.

That’s the kind of help that we provide at a stone home.com. Give us a try we can help you too.

dave chomitz ontario stone homes

Dave Chomitz has been focused on matching stone home sellers with the families that dream of owing one since 2008. Having extensive experience in historical restoration prior to entering real estate, working with these beautiful structures was a natural fit. Dave understands the magnitude of the decision to sell and respects and honours stone home owners feelings about the process. He also is in the unique position to help stone home buyers understand the investment they're making. Being custodians of these legacy properties is as much a privilege as it is a reward for a life well spent. Let Dave help you.