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We’ve always been in a position to help members of our community buy these homes. You see we don’t list every stone home that comes available. It’s not possible to every where all the time. There are times when a family will find a home that is not being represented by A Stone Home .com. These families still want help making their dream come true.

At A Stone Home .com we see a ton of these homes. Since 2008 we’ve been through hundreds of them, seeing all the different ways they can be put together.

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Prior to becoming a real estate broker, Dave spent 18 years in construction. He is a licensed carpenter with industrial woodworking experience focus almost exclusively on historical restoration. There is certain love that goes along with stone homes … Dave understands that.

Often, when a family wants to buy a stone home they want an independent set of eyes to take a look for them. Someone who knows what they’re looking at to go through the home and help them understand what they’re getting. And to represent them and advocate for them during the negotiations.

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The photos on this page are just such a stone home. A family that had been in the Stone Home community for 5 years, had looked at several stone homes with me over that time.

And then found this one on their own. What a beauty !!! One of the rare stone homes with exposed interior walls that were in exceptional condition. This was a really a special home. It had been almost totally gutted and put back together again as a project a number of years ago. Upon investigation the systems were excellent as well. But, being over 150 years old there were still some issues that had to be fully understood before moving forward.

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After a focused negotiation we were able to be successful and new legacy has begun.

Because you don’t have to do it alone …..

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Dave Chomitz has been focused on matching stone home sellers with the families that dream of owing one since 2008. Having extensive experience in historical restoration prior to entering real estate, working with these beautiful structures was a natural fit. Dave understands the magnitude of the decision to sell and respects and honours stone home owners feelings about the process. He also is in the unique position to help stone home buyers understand the investment they're making. Being custodians of these legacy properties is as much a privilege as it is a reward for a life well spent. Let Dave help you.