Stone Home Near Toronto Uxbridge

Offered At  $ 1,249,000.00

A Camelot Setting Near Uxbridge and a great story.

stone home near toronto in uxbridge

As a young boy, he road his bike past this home every day as he delivered newspapers – he loved it.

He went on to school and a career in other places and had a good life.  When it came time to slow down he returned to his home town and found the old stone home had fallen into disrepair.  He bought it and spent the next years returning it to it’s former glory.  A true labour of love.

He found our site one evening and sent us an email telling his story.  We replied and asked if he was thinking of selling – he said “no, just wanted to tell you about it”.  He was very proud.

stone home toronto uxbridge


The following Christmas, for our news letter we invited him to share his story with our community.  He did a really good job.

About 4 months later, a member of our community reached out and asked “if the home featured in the Christmas news letter was still available”.

We explained that the home wasn’t for sale, it was just a really neat story we wanted to share.  He asked if the owner would consider selling.

We got in touch with the seller, who had experienced some changes in the last little while …… the deal was done.

In the end, 2 dreams came true and the home continues on.

Our community has over 650 members (April 2015) and grows every month.

These families are specifically interested in Stone Homes, giving us a very targeted buyer pool of interested / qualified people to reach out to when we list a property for sale.  Often times the buyer comes directly out of that data pool.

ontario toronto uxbridge stone home detail

If you have a stone home we are the place to showcase it.

ontario stone home for sale dave chomitz

Ontairo stone home for sale


Dave Chomitz has been focused on matching stone home sellers with the families that dream of owing one since 2008. Having extensive experience in historical restoration prior to entering real estate, working with these beautiful structures was a natural fit. Dave understands the magnitude of the decision to sell and respects and honours stone home owners feelings about the process. He also is in the unique position to help stone home buyers understand the investment they're making. Being custodians of these legacy properties is as much a privilege as it is a reward for a life well spent. Let Dave help you.