stone home privacy dave chomitz

Stone Home Privacy

stone home privacy dave chomitz

Stone Homes & Privacy

A stone has been the premier marketing platform for stone homes in Ontario for almost 8 years now. During that time we’ve had the pleasure and the privilege of meeting and talking with hundreds of families that are interested in stone homes.

Some want to sell their stone home, some want to buy and  some just want to talk. It’s really been a fascinating experience. Over the years we’ve met so many families from so many different places it’s just been amazing. We’ve been contacted by families from all over Ontario but also from all over the world. We’ve had people fly in from all over the world to look at these great stone houses..

Often times their people who were born in Canada but their work took them to other places all around the world and as they approach retirement they start making plans to come back home.  Coming back to something as Canadian as a stone home seems like a pretty natural step to take.

As we begin the process of helping these people we find it fascinating that even though their life experiences or background is or even what their budget is going to be can be vastly different.  It’s amazing how similar their dreams can be. There are some very constant similarities that all stone home buyers share.

Stone Home Share A Vision

Typical stone home buyer is looking less for location and more for a home.  They have a vision.  They know what they’re looking for.   As they come to the end of heir careers and start thinking about retiring they have a dream.  They have a vision of the house they want and that’s what they’re looking.

Generally Ontario itself is divided in half by Toronto depending on what side of Toronto they would like to be on. If family and friends are either east or west of Toronto then the stone home buyer will look on that side to avoid having to drive to the city all the time.

But really after that,  the greatest narrowing factor is how close the home is to a major center and how close it is to an airport.  Typically an hour is about as far as someone’s comfortable driving to the airport or or someplace for culture. But other than that it becomes a question of what do I want my house to be. And the stone home buyers have a dream – it’s an emotional purchase.

But no  matter what type of home they have as their dream home EVERY ONE  is concerned about privacy. Let’s face it, if you’re trying to get away from it all, a certain amount of piece and quiet is in order. Everyone has a vision of the privacy of their hoping to find. It’s often a pastoral setting – imagine not seeing any other houses close.  Nothing but land.

Dreaming About The Quiet

People imagine their stone home to be just like that postcard that they saw.   Just like a memory that they’ve had as a drive down the road when they were a child. It’s really a romantic vision, really wonderful. Often times though the reality is just slightly different than that, and that can be a good thing.

Understanding and respecting the need for privacy is critical to happiness when you buy your stone home, there’s no question about that. However the vision that people have about the privacy that they expect to find can be very different than the reality that they actually find when they get there. And at the end of the day it’s still okay. It’s still a private setting.

It’s important to remember that when the pioneers first built these houses they weren’t concerned about  the privacy, their concern was putting the house in the most functional spot possible.

That would typically be the high ground the high ground  to give a better view of a better view across the better ability to watch over your lands and see checking on your livestock. There was a little more breeze on the High ground. So where ever the land suited best is where the home was built. Sometimes close to the road -sometimes pushed way back from the road.  That’s important to remember because a lot of times you’ll find that there are few trees around the house.   Driving past it it might look like it’s out of the middle of nowhere and there’s no privacy at all.  But in reality when you get there is actually a very very private setting even though it feels open.   It’s really important to remember that the privacy that people expect to find when they buy their stone homes isn’t always the privacy that they have when they buy.  Getting there can be a process.


Dave Chomitz has been focused on matching stone home sellers with the families that dream of owing one since 2008. Having extensive experience in historical restoration prior to entering real estate, working with these beautiful structures was a natural fit. Dave understands the magnitude of the decision to sell and respects and honours stone home owners feelings about the process. He also is in the unique position to help stone home buyers understand the investment they're making. Being custodians of these legacy properties is as much a privilege as it is a reward for a life well spent. Let Dave help you.